“I know exactly what drives a high achiever – I am one”

– Coach Janese


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About Me

Janese Shakur

Personal mentor and Life Coach

In this world of boundless opportunities, Coach Janese empowers her students with the tools necessary to not only join her ranks among the world’s high achievers, but also to realistically establish themselves at the personal apexes of their potential.

Coach Janese’s empathetic and insightful approach compliment her unique ability to balance the demand for personal accountability while maintaining a supportive role in her clients’ journey to attain their personal and professional life goals, whatever they may be.

Having an academic background in the Sciences, Coach Janese takes an analytical…..


Successful Stories

The Day I Decided To Get My Life On Track
The day that I decided to get my life on track by hiring Coach Janese as my life coach was a game changer.  It may have been the pandemic that made me wake up and address the direction that my life was taking.  I knew that I needed to take serious actions to progress to higher levels and reach my goals.  When you are in the thickets of your life it is hard to see the whole forest because of all the trees.  I was stagnant.  My thought process being, “Isn’t having positive thoughts enough to achieve success?” The answer is a resounding and emphatic NO.  Coach Janese came along and mentally took me by the hand and guided me to a path that was high enough for me to see clearly my goals and how to achieve them. I am more confident than I have ever been. As Cardi B says, “I make money moves”.

I have written many books over the years that just sat on my hard and Zip drives.  In hindsight I realize that I was waiting for some opportunity to be discovered to knock at my door.  I was taking very luke warm actions.  Now thanks to Coach Janese, I have my first book on Amazon.  My future? It promises lucrativity.  I have all my other books to publish and I will keep hiring Coach Janese until I am so successful that I will have her on retainer.

Having accountability buddies is nice but they will let you have your excuses.  Something changes in your mindset when you pay a life coach.  They are standing outside of your life seeing clearly past what you perceive as obstacles on your path.  When you have invested time and money you now want to do what is necessary to get everything that it is worth, because no one likes to waste what is hard earned.  If you want solid definite results every time, and If you are ready to step to higher levels in your goals, I strongly urge you to get a life coach, and I recommend Coach Janese!

Two Pivotal Points In My Life
My name is Wynika Smith. I’ve had the honor of being coached during two pivotal points in my life by Coach Janese Shakur. The first was in the first year of launching my clothing line Splendidfever. The second was after becoming a 1st time mom at the age of 42, while working both a corporate job and trying to relaunch my company.

During my first coaching experience, Coach Janese was able to get me to think beyond fashion shows and see my business as a store front mass production brand. I completely changed my views on the value of my time and the value of my brand. I hired constructionists to help me and was able to make and sell pieces much faster with an actual system in place.

During my second opportunity to work with Coach Janese seven years later, she helped me figure out how to get organized in my busy life. I also changed my diet. I was able to start budgeting and saving money and the biggest thing of all: She PUSHED me to finally take an hour each day for myself.This was something I had not done ever! Coach Janese’s training is extremely valuable and I sincerely urge ANYONE who just wants to be and do great in ANY area of your life to hire her. It was the best life changing decision I’ve ever made for myself and my career.

I salute you Coach J and cannot thank you enough for everything you’ve done for me.

Getting to the next level!

I’m “Euphoric” over the insight, listening ear, and tutorial I’ve received from Coach Janese during our time together. I have not been able to take my life nor my business to the next level and had been pondering on what would it take to do so for years. Thanks to you Coach Janese, I have positive vision and movement. I love the fact that Coach Janese made me come up with answers, you just provided the best questions that I should have been asking myself. I can only say when the student is ready, the teacher will appear! I look forward to many more sessions as I become all that I can be!

The Journey
I began my journey with Janese at a time where my life required strategic guidance, purposeful planning and detailed solutions. As I navigated through my early 30’s, I knew Janese would be the perfect life coach to walk with me on this path. Through the months of working with Janese, she helped me focus on the things that mattered, encouraged me to step outside of my comfort zone and held me accountable to my goals.
Now as a successful IT Analyst, a mother to beautiful baby girl and a wife, I will be forever grateful for her expertise as a Certified Life Coach.
Billie Oni, MBA

Instant Useful, Brilliant Ideas

My name is Tee and I have a company called Sexy As Ya Wanna Be Exotic Dance Therapy, where we teach sexy dance. fitness classes and help women to gain and boost their confidence by bringing out the Sexy Woman within them. I’ve heard about life coaches but was unsure how something like that could help me. I found out about Coach Janese through a friend and decided to look up her website. I immediately saw that she offered a FREE 30 Minute Session, so I said to myself, “What the heck, give it a try”. I filled out the information and a phone conference was scheduled. I TELL YOU, CONTACTING COACH JANESE WAS ONE OF THE BEST THINGS THAT I COULD HAVE EVER DONE FOR MY COMPANY! The information that she gave me was helpful and I immediately began to move on the things that we discussed…and it is having a tremendous impact on my company!

Thanks you Coach Janese, the service that you provide is Truly Incredible!


Tee Hayes.

Getting over the Hurdle

 I’m fairly new to Real Estate. Investing and working with Coach Janese has made me seem like an experienced professional. When I first started, I was nervous when speaking to sellers and meeting them to get their house under contract. I would “think” my way out of it. Now, it’s a breeze. Since working with Coach Janese, I have accumulated 6 prperties in a 30-day span and sold 1 for a profit of $4,500. Coach Janese was there every step of the way. Thanks, Coach Janese for getting me over the hurdle so that I can maximize my Real Estate Potential.

Born Again DIVA

I experienced devastation during a divorce and went into a deep depression. I felt hopeless and couldn’t see past my circumstances. I began reaching out to individuals within my circle that were giving me their hand. I started working with Coach Janese and in each conversation, she encouraged me to focus on myself. She always asked the question, “What is Tammi going to do?”. I realized that I was missing out on life. Janese actually took it a step further and gradually started introducing me to life again; life as a DIVA. As I experienced new things and new people, I understood that, “He didn’t leave me but he FREED me”. He freed me to be the DIVA I was meant to be. I’m no longer the victim, but Confident, Empowered and Destined to succeed. Thanks, Coach Janese for guiding me towards the light, giving me a taste of life and showing me how to live afain. I love you for shring your gift with me and others, the gift of life.

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