Is it Time for a Life Coach?

Working with a personal coach works! Smart, capable people just like you have benefited from working with euphoric coaching! Just like you, they didn’t feel so smart or capable when they started. But just like you, they knew it was time to get started. And just like you, they had enough of the struggle and suffering of doing the same things the same ways, while hoping for different results. Just like you, they finally said,”I Need Coach Janese” And did!

Yes, it’s time, and YES, you’re ready.

Do yourself a favor and decide that it IS time and you ARE ready. Give yourself the chance to be a success, however you define it, because you deserve it. You REALLY do. Come on, follow the instincts that brought you here. Treat yourself to the benefits of getting your personal growth back on track. You’ll be, oh so, glad you did!

The essence of what’s up for you is different from what’s up with another person. That said, many people’s challenges fall into similar categories. See if any of these situations remind you of yours.

Many people have worked with me to figure out the right work-to-home ratio for that year, given the ages and needs of their children or other family responsibilities, and the nature of their work and ambition, and then implementing that ratio, which may require restructuring or renegotiating at work or at home, anticipating and preparing for push-back, and so forth.

A real estate professional used me to help him streamline his business and get enough help that year so that he could spend more time with his mother, who was probably dying. He was absolutely clear about his priorities, in this case. Many other clients use personal coaching to get very clear, for themselves, what their true priorities are, right now, at this moment in their life, and then to structure their lives in alignment with those priorities.

I have helped many people bring their perfectionist tendencies into line with reality and stop being so hard on themselves. I encourage them to identify low-risk areas where a B+ job is adequate. For many effective people, learning to selectively and intentionally lower standards in appropriate places can create some powerful and sorely needed breathing room without bad consequences. For example, a single mom stopped making hand-made holiday gifts and started ordering gifts on line, and a manager started meeting with each of her reports for an hour every other week instead of every week.

I have helped people stop beating up on themselves and adopt more constructive behaviors around procrastinating, being late, getting stressed, becoming drained and exhausted, communication skills, guilt, resentment, and many other challenging dynamics.

Some people use me to get a reality check. For a lot of people my response is, is the situation at your workplace IS as bad as you think, or this person’s behavior is unacceptable. And then we figure out what she wants to do about it, if anything. For other people, my response is The situation at work is not inappropriate your expectations are unrealistic. And then we work with that. Or, I will help you see that as a middle-aged, overweight, non-athlete, your chances of becoming an NBA star player are about zero. I will be truthful with you, but not judgmental. I have great respect for my clients, and they feel it.

Coach Janese

Helping Smart, Capable, People improve their Confidence, resolve, and Stick-to-itiveness, through business and personal life coaching. All it takes to get your life back on track is a simple phone call or inquiry.

Next Steps

If you think personal life coaching could help you move forward in your life, please contact me to set up an Exploratory Coaching Session and let’s see if we are a good fit to work together.

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